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Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion

16 Feb

Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion is a glitter topper from the Valentina collection. Valentina is proving to be a great collection! Flashes of Passion has hot pink holographic glitter in all sizes and there is also some pink-purple holographic bar glitter. I wanted to refrain from using this glitter topper on top of some pink. I wanted to have it stand out. So I asked myself: what color do I have the most passion for? My answer: purple. Without hesitation, I decided to pair it up with purple.


As shown in the picture above, I used one coat of Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion on top of two coats of Funky Finger’s Riot. I think this is a great combination of colors! Here’s another view.

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Nail Sauce’s Diamonds & Gold

16 Feb

Diamonds & Gold is from Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection. I must admit that when I first got the Valentina collection to review, Diamonds & Gold was my least favorite from this collection. However, after putting this on my nails, it is NOW my favorite from this collection. This one took me by surprise!


Diamonds & Gold is a gold glitter topper. The gold glitter comes in both small and medium hexes. In addition to the gold glitter, there’s these little amazing blue iridescent flakies. The blue iridescent flakies may not seem much in the bottle but when you put this on top of a dark-colored polish it becomes swoon-worthy.

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Nail Sauce’s Cloud 9

13 Feb

If you know me, I’m a sucker for glitter in milky white base type of polishes. When I received Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection to review, I instantly knew I would fall heads over heels for Cloud 9.

cloud9_3As you can see, it is in a milky white base with these yummy pastel glitter bits in various shapes and sizes. Cloud 9 is part of Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection. Application was awesome. Usually with these type of milky white bases, the biggest concern would be these annoying streak polish lines where white doesn’t look even in certain areas on the nail. I am so pleased that Cloud 9 did NOT have this problem! Opacity was achieved by the third coat. However, I decided to do four very thin coats of Cloud 9 to maximize the brightness of this color. I did not use any “undies” with this Cloud 9 manicure. Here’s another picture showing the bottle better.

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Nail Sauce’s Romance Shmomance

6 Feb

Need a break from all the lovey-dovey Hallmark stuff for Valentine’s Day? Feeling Valentine Shmalentine about the holiday? Who needs a Valentine when you have Romance Shmomance? You know you need this. Romance Shmomance is from Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection. It is the anti-valentine polish to have.


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Nail Sauce’s Just Add Love

31 Jan

I cannot believe today’s the last day of January! Valentine’s just around the corner. This spankin’ new collection by Nail Sauce, Valentina, is just perfect for the holiday! I recently received the entire Valentina collection for review. I thought I would start with Just Add Love.


Just Add Love is a milky strawberry smoothie pink base with small white hex glitter, small red glitter and red medium sized dot glitter. Shown is three thin coats. Opacity was actually achieved at 2 coats but I wanted to add another coat to make it more interesting by adding more dimension with the glitters.

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