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Halloween Nails: Day 2

2 Oct

Good morning! Here’s Day 2 of my personal Halloween nails challenge. I decided to do the flesh rip type of nails. Skin, blood and gore! This is perfect for Halloween. Right?

I have never done this type of look before. I was worried it wouldn’t come out right but much to my surprise, this was the easiest thing to do! So much grotesque fun!

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Guest Blogger Hillary of @hillarykozuch

2 Jul

Hello beautiful readers! I am so excited about my second guest blogger. Hillary is one of my all-time favorite nail girls to follow on Instagram. Hillary has a good eye for color, does these awesome freehand chevron tips and I’ve always been envious of her flawless nails! You can see her work on Instagram @hillarykozuch or at http://instagram.com/hillarykozuch

Hope you enjoy this freehand chevron tips tutorial post as much I did! ~Rica


Let me start off by saying how excited I am that Rica has asked me to be a guest blogger! If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram, you probably know how often I do freehand chevrons (since I suck at doing tape manis); so, this is a tutorial on how I do them! (Disclaimer: my husband dubs them “nonchevrons,” but we will refer to them as “chevrons” for all intensive purposes 😁)
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Guest Blogger: Jackie of @jcee718

1 Jul

Hi Dolls! As some of you may have heard, I have been recently looking for guest bloggers. I am so excited about the lineup of guest bloggers I have in store for you guys! Please allow me to introduce my first guest blogger. Her name is Jackie. She isn’t a blogger however you can see her work on Instagram @jcee718. This is her first guest post ever! Show her some love and I hope you enjoy her post on using stripes and tapes in nail art.    ~Rica


My Love Affair with Stripes & Tape

Hi guys! This is my 1st guest post ever! So please be nice. I’m very honored and excited to be a part of this. So excited! In fact, it’s only been about 2 hours since Ricarda emailed me about this opportunity and I’m already “blogging” ha ha I don’t know if I’m allowed to call this blabbering blogging but you get the hint on how excited I am.

Ever had a love/hate relationship with something that you’re crazy for and it drives you crazy at the same time? Like a certain nail polish color that is just so gorgeous like McDreamy, that’s Patrick Demsey from Greys Anatomy if you didn’t know who McDreamy was. This would be the love part. And the hate part? When this McDreamy polish’s formula turns out to be something that sucks so bad. So bad that you just can’t seem to get it to work. Well, right there is exactly how I felt about striping tape.

At first, I couldn’t get it to work for the life of me. It would either peel off my base color or not stick enough that the nail polish would just seep under the tape and ruin my base coat. I gave up and stopped using my tapes all together. Until very recently, strips and tape was calling my name. I decided to give this love affair another try… and not to toot my own horn but I’ve actually gotten better I must say (I’ll let you guys be the judge of that). Now let’s get down to the fun part.

Materials Used
(picture of materials used below)

  • Basecoat
  • OPI Nail Lacquer
  • Striping Tape
  • Wooden Orange Stick
  • Essie Nail Lacquers
  • Tweezers
  • Top Coat
  • Clean Up Brush

photo 1

Here’s my simple “Tape Mani 101”

1. Start off with a base color of your choice. For this one I used OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons. Top it off with a top coat of your choice. I would recommend a fast drying one like Seche Vite or Out The Door.

photo 2

*Tip: The base coat should be 100% dry before you move on to the next step.*

2. Once your nails are completely dry, you may apply the striping tape in any angle you wish. I decided to do random triangles in no specific pattern.

photo 3

*Tip: Push the striping tape as close to your cuticle and edges as possible. I use a wooden orange stick to push it down. This will prevent the nail polish that will go on top from seeping under the tape and ruining the base color.*

3. Grab one or more colors of your choice. For this tutorial, I used Essie polishes. The colors are: She’s Pampered (Red), Play Date (Lavender) and Smooth Sailing (Blue). Slowly paint along the inside of the striping tape patterns. It’s like painting inside the lines of a coloring book. Do one color each time before using a different color. It works the best if you do one finger at a time as well as one color at a time. I already applied the red color on my nails and did the lavender next.

photo 1(1)

*Tip:  If using more than one color, it’s a good idea to open all of the nail polish bottles. Doing so will allow you to work faster by being able to use the next color easier. Also, it is recommended to do thin strokes instead of thick ones.*

4. Remove the striping tape slowly while the nail polish is still wet. Remove whichever tape you placed on the nail last first. I use tweezers to help remove the striping tape from my nails. Repeat the steps until all patterns are painted and the tapes are removed. Viola! Enjoy the end results, a striping tape mani!

photo 2*Tip: Give yourself at least 5 minutes or so before you seal your mani with a top coat. Putting a top coat right away may cause the colors to smudge.

You can leave it as an accent nail (pictured above) or do a full striping tape mani (pictured below). The possibilities are endless!!!

photo 3

I’ve learned that practice does make perfect. I wasn’t very good at using striping tape at first. I can’t believe I was proud of these at the time. See for yourself.

photo 1photo 2(1)

I’m glad I only took a “mini vacation” from striping tape before trying again because now I am unstoppable! I love using striping tape manis now! For those who had difficulties with tape manis, don’t give up!It isn’t impossible to achieve. With practice, you can only get better! It is a nice feeling to look back and see the progress. All it takes with tape mani and any other nail art is practice, practice and a whole lot of practice and a lot of drying time. Literally. Ha ha! I hope you found this tutorial helpful and you enjoyed my pictures. I know I enjoyed it – look at me “blogging” and stuff! A huge thank you to Rica for letting me be a part of this and giving me my first “guest blog” post experience.

Disclaimer: Rica did some editing on the written content.

Jacqueline C. is a 24 year old nail art addict engaged to a nail art addict supporter (yay!). Born and raised in the Big Apple but currently residing in PA. Has been a nail art addict for about two years now with a mad love affair for stripes and tape! Loves anything nail related. Future nail technician.


Yay! Wasn’t this tutorial great? Now I think I’m going to do a tape mani! I hope this inspired you to try a tape mani! Jackie is great! Please be sure to follow her on Instagram @jcee718 – go show her some love! You can also see her pictures online at http://www.instagram.com/jcee718 for those who do not have an Instagram account.

Easy Nail Art of the Day

12 Jun


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