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Today’s Nail Art and More

8 Jul

This is a simple post.

I just did these nails tonight. I used OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons (2 coats) and some black striper nail lacquer to do these random heart-shaped leopard / leopard prints. How do you like it?


Here’s another nail art I did from few days ago. This one I used two coats of Azature’s Pink Diamond (with absolutely no undies underneath. It is very sparkly and I think this color is my favorite by Azature).


Goodnight beautiful people. I cannot wait to show you my upcoming posts for this week.

– Rica

Different Dimension’s Comfortably Numb

2 Jun

Here’s Comfortably Numb, another polish from Different Dimension’s Echoes collection which is a Pink Floyd inspired collection. Comfortably Numb is a song from Pink Floyd’s The Wall album. When I first saw the bottle, I didn’t think this glitter topper was going to be special but I was surprised by its shimmery goodness. Comfortably Numb has a clear base with satin yellow and hot pink glitter in various shapes and sizes. To be more specific, the hot pink glitter comes in these shapes/sizes: large hexes, large squares, medium squares glitter. For the satin yellow glitter, there are large squares, medium squares and little dots. To top this off there is this lovely hot pink shimmer to it. I am surprisingly heads over heels for this one.

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Stardust Polish’s I’m Tickled Pink

28 May

I’m tickled pink by this amazing holo polish by Stardust Polish that is, ironically, called I’m Tickled Pink. It’s from her new Feelings collection. I took these pictures not too long ago and now I am finally sitting down to do this review.

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Serum No 5’s Pink Peonies

22 May

Victoria of Serum No 5 sent over Pink Peonies for review. Pink Peonies is from the SS 13 Part One: Florals collection. I have always admired Serum No 5 for its giving back to charities. Every month, Serum No 5 donates 20% of the profits from all lacquer sold to a charity of their choice. Last month, Victoria of Serum No 5 donated to Red Cross. Isn’t that wonderful?
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Different Dimension’s Time

21 May

Time is from Different Dimension’s new Pink Floyd inspired collection called Echoes. Like previously reviewed Money, Time is also a song from Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album. This is two coats of Color Club’s Shabby Drab topped off with one coat of Different Dimension’s Time.

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Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Hollywood

21 Feb

With the Oscars coming up this Sunday, I couldn’t imagine picking a better polish than Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Hollywood. Hollywood is a bright fuchsia pink jelly with these little amazing copper and gold holo bits. I feel like I’m Barbie and I have arrived in Hollywood!

LGhollywood1As shown in these pictures, this is 3 thin coats of Hollywood with no undies. Application was impressive. I had no problem with glitter whatsoever. It is recommended to wait for a coat to try before adding another thin coat on top to achieve this kind of look. Here’s a close-up for you to see!

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Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion

16 Feb

Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion is a glitter topper from the Valentina collection. Valentina is proving to be a great collection! Flashes of Passion has hot pink holographic glitter in all sizes and there is also some pink-purple holographic bar glitter. I wanted to refrain from using this glitter topper on top of some pink. I wanted to have it stand out. So I asked myself: what color do I have the most passion for? My answer: purple. Without hesitation, I decided to pair it up with purple.


As shown in the picture above, I used one coat of Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion on top of two coats of Funky Finger’s Riot. I think this is a great combination of colors! Here’s another view.

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