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Halloween Nails: Day 2

2 Oct

Good morning! Here’s Day 2 of my personal Halloween nails challenge. I decided to do the flesh rip type of nails. Skin, blood and gore! This is perfect for Halloween. Right?

I have never done this type of look before. I was worried it wouldn’t come out right but much to my surprise, this was the easiest thing to do! So much grotesque fun!

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Dance Lengend Angel’s Touch

29 Nov

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m looking forward to the month of December and the snow it brings us here!

Angel’s Touch is a soft salmon pink creme from Dance Legend’s Touch Me collection. I recently was sent this by a nail mail friend who resides in Russia. Dance Legend is a Russian brand in case if anyone was wondering. Here’s my finished nails using Angel’s Touch, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and various stamping plates by Bundle Monster.


Let’s talk about application. It took three thin coats to even out the small patchy spots that were not fixed by the second coat. Formula is good despite needing three coats. I personally think this color is worth the extra coat. I stamped the snowflakes and the lines using three different Bundle Monster plates. They are, BM-209, BM-319 and BM-323. Snow Me White by Sinful Colors is one of my favorite whites to stamp with because it’s so cheap and works amazing with stamping plates! If you haven’t used it for stamping, please do try!

Where to find the products used here:

Dance Legend polishes can be found at: http://www.dance-legend.com/en/

Sinful Colors can be found in chain drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, et cetera.

Bundle Monster stamping plates can be found at: http://www.bundlemonster.com/

Thanksgivingukkah Nails

26 Nov

This Thursday, November 28th is the only time in our lifetimes is when the first day of Hanukkah falls on the same day as Thanksgiving. This overlap between these two holidays won’t happen again for another 70,000 years. What do you think this Jewish nail polish addict wanted to do besides to eat my momma’s yummy potato latkes?

Thanksgiving + Hanukkah = Thanksgivingukkah nails. You know it!

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Guest Blogger Ashley of @perfection polish

7 Jul

Wow. You all need to check Ashley’s YouTube channel out. She does these nice looking videos on all things nails! If you ever wondered how to get started on setting up videos on YouTube, please check out this special video Ashley made for my readers on this blog! She kindly subtitled it for me! Thank you Ashley! You rock for doing that!! 🙂


Please click on that image above and it will take you to the actual video on YouTube, or you may go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MwlJf6h_YM to view it. She discusses the recording set up basics in this clip.  Ashley also has other amazing videos including one that involves using shavings off colored pencils on nails. It’s a must-see!! Ashley’s YouTube channel is at http://www.youtube.com/user/oxcomplextion

I hope you all enjoyed viewing her video(s). Please feel free to comment on here or on her videos on YouTube if you have any questions or comments. Please check out Ashley’s instagram account @perfectionpolish or http://instagram.com/perfectionpolish

Ashley is a 14 year old amateur nail artist whose addiction to everything nail polish started late 2012. With her YouTube channel she can express her love for nail art with everyone else!

Guest Blogger Hillary of @hillarykozuch

2 Jul

Hello beautiful readers! I am so excited about my second guest blogger. Hillary is one of my all-time favorite nail girls to follow on Instagram. Hillary has a good eye for color, does these awesome freehand chevron tips and I’ve always been envious of her flawless nails! You can see her work on Instagram @hillarykozuch or at http://instagram.com/hillarykozuch

Hope you enjoy this freehand chevron tips tutorial post as much I did! ~Rica


Let me start off by saying how excited I am that Rica has asked me to be a guest blogger! If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram, you probably know how often I do freehand chevrons (since I suck at doing tape manis); so, this is a tutorial on how I do them! (Disclaimer: my husband dubs them “nonchevrons,” but we will refer to them as “chevrons” for all intensive purposes 😁)
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An EPIC (and a very patriotic one) mosaic of NAILS!!

30 Jun

I wanted to give my thanks to many AMAZING nail artists who participated in my 4th of July’s mosaic project! Without you guys, this would not have been possible. I am hoping to be able to do another mosaic project for the month of August. Details will be posted soon on my Instagram account. Please click on the flag image – it will bring you to a bigger image where you can zoom in. I hope you like it!

– Rica

american-flag2 Mosaic

Seeking Guest Bloggers!

29 Jun


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