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PolishHaus’ Atlantean Bleu and Above The Clouds

21 Jul

Hello Dolls!! Did you miss my regular postings? The last two weeks were hectic and I am so happy to blog again! There’s a lot of upcoming swatching and reviewing posts. Up for review are these polishes by PolisHaus. PolisHaus sent over Atlantean Bleu and Above The Clouds for review not too long ago. Without further ado, here’s the review!

Atlantean Bleu is this lovely aquamarine blue shimmery crelly polish with a good variety of glitters in all colors, shapes and sizes. That shade of blue is to die for – it reminds me of swimming in the tropic waters. It’s that kind of blue. The kind that reminds me of summers by the beach or the sea. This is two thin coats of Atlantean Bleu on my nails.

That blue – I am in love!!!! Here’s more pictures for you.


You know I had to do a close up of Atlantean Blue!

Atlantean Bleu is an awesome polish to wear in the summertime! Would I recommend this? Yes, the formula was fantastic! This applied on very nicely. Two thin coats to full opacity. I was impressed there wasn’t any need to do glitter fishing. Overall Atlantean Bleu is a great crelly. The only downside to this is it does have a strong scent to it. I have spoken to Lesley of PolisHaus about this strong smell. She mentioned that she is switching to different suspension base to address this issue. I give Atlantean Bleu 4 out of 5 stars!

Above The Clouds is a beautiful minty blue crelly polish with a nice variety of of glitters in all colors, shapes and sizes. Girls, this is swoon worthy! I adore the color combination of this minty blue base with all these glitters especially the purple stars!

Here’s some more pictures of Above The Clouds.


A close up of Above The Clouds…

Would I recommend Above The Clouds? Yes! The formula again was awesome. This applied on very nicely. Two coats to full opacity. I was pleasantly surprised when these purple stars were painted on (star glitters are notorious for being stubborn and one would need to fish for the star glitters out of the bottle). You did amazing Lesley! Above The Clouds does have a strong smell to it but this is something Lesley is going to address by changing suspension bases. I give Above The Clouds 4.5 out 5 stars!

Check out Atlantean Bleu and Above The Clouds as well other beauties by PolisHaus at http://polishaus.bigcartel.com/ Please be sure to follow her @polishaus on Instagram for updates and news!

Stardust Polish’s Deja Blue

2 Jul

At dinner last night, I had a very sad nail casualty with a potato peeler when I was trying to peel some potatoes. My pointer fingernail got caught in the peeler and I made a wrong move. Suddenly, the peeler chipped off a good chunk off my pointer fingernail. What’s a girl to do?! I marched right into my nail room (yes, you read that right. I do have a “nail” room in my house. In this room, there are four helmers full of polishes and some other bins full of nail care items as well as a manicure station, a lovely computer desk, a very comfortable chair and a sofa.) Anyway, I clipped and filed my nails back. I decided that there was no better way to rock my short nails other than painting them black.

Short sexy black nails are IN! Bye bye long nails!! Now you know I couldn’t just leave it at plain old boring black nails. I needed something so magical. Something oh so very enticing. Something entrancing. Ok, I know I sound like a witch right now trying to find a spell. Prepared to be spellbound!


Doesn’t that make you go ooooh and ahhhh? Did I cast a spell on you? Is this a case of déjà vu? Continue reading

Stardust Polish’s FML, It’s Summer! collection Part 2

1 Jul

Previously I had reviewed the first three polishes from Stardust Polish’s FML, It’s Summer! collection. This collection has six gorgeous polishes. They are: Peaches & Cream, Razzleberry Rave, The Grape Gatsby, Sour Apple Pucker, Citrus Storm and Blueberry Freeze. As promised, here are the swatches and my review of the last three polishes of this collection which would be Sour Apple Pucker, Citrus Storm and Blueberry Freeze. Here they are:


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Part 1 of Stardust Polish’s FML, It’s Summer! collection

30 Jun

Stardust Polish sent over her entire FML, It’s Summer! collection. This collection has six gorgeous polishes. They are: Peaches & Cream, Razzleberry Rave, The Grape Gatsby, Sour Apple Pucker, Citrus Storm and Blueberry Freeze. This post will be covering the first three polishes. Here they are:

20130630-115938.jpg Continue reading

Lacquerlicious’ Summer’s First Bloom

28 Jun

When I received Summer’s First Bloom by Lacquerlicious for review, my heart skipped a beat (in a good way!) Could this be? A lavender crelly packed with oh so colorful glitters? My purple loving heart leaped with joy and did cartwheels and went all “yes! yes!” on me.


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PolishTBH’s upcoming Summer Aquarium Collection

26 Jun

Hello beautiful dolls! So excited about this pretty sweet aquarium themed collection by PolishTBH that’s going to be available on July 1st. I was sent these four beautiful polishes: Sun Coral, Blue Reef, Moon Jelly and Anemone for review. PolishTBH’s Summer Aquarium collection is full of magic and beauty that one would see in an underwater world.


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Glossy Girls Polish’ Summer Collection

25 Jun

Daisy recently sent over these four beauties to me for review in addition to her lemon cuticle butter. These beauties from her Summer Collection are Limeade Burst, Bees-A-Buzz’n, Underwater Pool and Lilac Field. Glossy Girls not only makes indie polishes, but they also do make their own cuticle oils, cuticle butters, body butter and body scrubs. Continue reading