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Cartoon Nails with Cult Nails

11 May

I decided to give cartoon nails a try. This is my first attempt! I used Cult Nails’ Fetish (a very nice waxy black) and Manipulative (beautiful turquoise color) and topped it off with a matte topcoat. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


You can find Cult Nails products at http://www.cultnails.com/

Cult Nails’ Fetish

15 Feb

Cult Nails. I have joined the cult when I bought a lot (9 to be exact) last week. I have heard great things about Cult Nails. When they had their sale, I knew it was time for me to buy some. I finally got my order in the mail few days ago. The very first Cult Nails polish I had wanted to try was Fetish. According to the Cult Nails’ website, it describes Fetish as a “wax look finish black polish perfect for the rockstar in all of us.” After trying this on, the description given was perfect for what it is.
My dear friends, this is hands down my all-time favorite black polish now. Do you know why? Not only because of its “look-at-me-I-am-a-rock-star waxy like finish, but because this is … ready? ONE COAT! That’s right girls (and boys). This is ONE COAT to perfect opacity! You’re probably reading this and going sweet Jesus mother of god; a black polish that’s a one coater?! It’s true. I couldn’t believe how amazing Fetish is and I can’t stop starting at its awesomeness. Here’s a close up.

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