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Today’s Nail Art and More

8 Jul

This is a simple post.

I just did these nails tonight. I used OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons (2 coats) and some black striper nail lacquer to do these random heart-shaped leopard / leopard prints. How do you like it?


Here’s another nail art I did from few days ago. This one I used two coats of Azature’s Pink Diamond (with absolutely no undies underneath. It is very sparkly and I think this color is my favorite by Azature).


Goodnight beautiful people. I cannot wait to show you my upcoming posts for this week.

– Rica

Liquid Glam Lacquer’s In My Own Galaxy

21 Feb

In a galaxy far, far away… well, not that far away. Here it is! Liquid Glam Lacquer’s In My Own Galaxy is a beautiful deep-space black jelly polish with these bold holographic glitter bits.

LGinmyowngalaxy4I can’t help but lose myself in these beautiful nails. It’s a whole new world (or should I say galaxy) out there! For starters, do you realize how hard it is to find a good black jelly that applies very well especially with glitters in it?! In case if you were wondering, the answer is: very difficult.

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Cult Nails’ Fetish

15 Feb

Cult Nails. I have joined the cult when I bought a lot (9 to be exact) last week. I have heard great things about Cult Nails. When they had their sale, I knew it was time for me to buy some. I finally got my order in the mail few days ago. The very first Cult Nails polish I had wanted to try was Fetish. According to the Cult Nails’ website, it describes Fetish as a “wax look finish black polish perfect for the rockstar in all of us.” After trying this on, the description given was perfect for what it is.
My dear friends, this is hands down my all-time favorite black polish now. Do you know why? Not only because of its “look-at-me-I-am-a-rock-star waxy like finish, but because this is … ready? ONE COAT! That’s right girls (and boys). This is ONE COAT to perfect opacity! You’re probably reading this and going sweet Jesus mother of god; a black polish that’s a one coater?! It’s true. I couldn’t believe how amazing Fetish is and I can’t stop starting at its awesomeness. Here’s a close up.

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AZATURE’s Black Diamond

16 Jan

So pumped to have this amazing luxurious polish in my collection! I present you with Azature’s Black Diamond polish!


I know some of you have already heard about and/or have seen pictures of Kelly Osbourne and her very expensive ($250,000) manicure that she wore to the Emmys in Fall 2012. Kelly’s nails had the nail polish made by Los Angeles-based luxury jeweler, Azature, and the polish itself was made with 267-carat black diamonds!

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