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Halloween Nails: Day 29

30 Oct

Here’s Day 29! There’s something so magical when you combine a rich purple with gold flecks.

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Halloween Nails: Day 28

29 Oct

I missed yesterday’s so I’m making it up today. Here’s my Day 28!

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Halloween Nails: Day 27

27 Oct

Four more days until Halloween!

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Halloween Nails: Day 26

26 Oct

A friend of mine asked me to do work-appropriate nails. She works in a very conservative environment and wants to be able to have Halloween nails on without it screaming Halloween. I thought about it and it actually gave me ideas. This is what I came up with for Day 26 on my own nails.

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Halloween Nails: Day 25

26 Oct

I love American Horror Story especially this season’s! The Freak Show! Here’s Day 25.

The middle fingernail is supposed to be of Bette and Dot Tattler, the conjoined twins, from that tv series. Also the clown’s for Twisty the Clown (he scares me!) Continue reading

Halloween Nails: Day 24

24 Oct

I cannot believe we only have 7 more days left until Halloween! Here’s Day 24!

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Halloween Nails: Day 22

23 Oct

I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday and didn’t do my nails. I’m making up for not doing Day 22 by doing two different manis today. Here’s Day 22!

How do you like this negative space mani? Read on to see how I did it. Continue reading