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Halloween Nails: Day 1

1 Oct

It’s October! Halloween is my favorite holiday! This year I’ve decided to really follow through and do Halloween nails every single day for the whole month of October! It’s a good challenge. Don’t you think so?

Without further ado, here’s my nails for Day 1.

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Skulls <3

5 Dec

Here’s my nails for today!


This morning when I drove my children to school. I saw how foggy it was outside. Continue reading

ManGlaze’s Lesbihonest

19 Jan

Lesbihonest. I mean, let’s be honest here. I’m a polish aficionado. I went over to and I have to say you need a sense of humor. Upon visiting the website, I was confronted with a short question asking me if I was an asshole. So I have to ask you, my reader, are you an asshole? No? Good. We can proceed.

Lesbihonest was the one that caught my eye right away. How could it not? With its amusing name and the great label art work that is done by Jason Goad. It shows two women where one is wearing panties that says ManGlaze on it. No, I’m not being an ass. Really.


Bam. You see? The most gorgeous deep fuchsia matte with a slight silver shimmer to it. I am in lo-lo-love! How could this be? A matte that has shimmer to it?! MATTE + SHIMMER = a mystical creature that only exists in my dreams. I don’t know who these men are behind ManGlaze but they’re geniuses for making this combination a dream come true! The formula blew my panties away. It is a true matte and goes on so smooth. One coat to full opacity. One could get away with one coat but being the polish “aficionado” that I am, I had to have two coats on. Oh lesbihonest, I think I will go bat for the other team. Make the switch from glossy nails to matte nails. Just for this one night. That’s right. No topcoat for this polish whore here.

Would I recommend this? Oh yes! Yes! YES! 5 out of 5 stars. The finished nails feels so smooth. Application was incredibly flawless. The color is stunning and c’mon I also wanted it just for the name. You know it.

Go get yours from! They have a total of 13 “ugly” matte nail polishes that are actually designed for use by both sexes and are meant to be worn without a topcoat.