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Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Night Life

24 May

This glitter topper, Night Life, is by Liquid Glam Laquer. It hypnotizes me! There are blue square glitters and small gold and metallic violet glitter bits in Night Life. I will let this macro shot speak for itself.

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Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Sorbet

24 May

Sorbet is one of the new colors being added to the Liquid Glam Laquer line just in time for the summer. It’s being released on June 5th! Sorbet is a milky white crelly with these matte pastel glitters (pink, blue, green) in various shapes and sizes. Sorbet looks very soft and feminine on my nails. It reminds me of clean freshly laundered linen. Like a clothesline of white and pastel clothing, towels and bedsheets billowing and floating to rise and fall in the summer breeze.

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Liquid Glam Lacquer’s June Bug

24 May

I’m excited about this new polish by Liquid Glam Lacquer! It’s called June Bug. June bug is a lavender crelly base with medium neon pink hexes, small blue and white glitter. The release date for June Bug is Wednesday June 5th.

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Liquid Glam Lacquer’s In My Own Galaxy

21 Feb

In a galaxy far, far away… well, not that far away. Here it is! Liquid Glam Lacquer’s In My Own Galaxy is a beautiful deep-space black jelly polish with these bold holographic glitter bits.

LGinmyowngalaxy4I can’t help but lose myself in these beautiful nails. It’s a whole new world (or should I say galaxy) out there! For starters, do you realize how hard it is to find a good black jelly that applies very well especially with glitters in it?! In case if you were wondering, the answer is: very difficult.

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Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Hollywood

21 Feb

With the Oscars coming up this Sunday, I couldn’t imagine picking a better polish than Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Hollywood. Hollywood is a bright fuchsia pink jelly with these little amazing copper and gold holo bits. I feel like I’m Barbie and I have arrived in Hollywood!

LGhollywood1As shown in these pictures, this is 3 thin coats of Hollywood with no undies. Application was impressive. I had no problem with glitter whatsoever. It is recommended to wait for a coat to try before adding another thin coat on top to achieve this kind of look. Here’s a close-up for you to see!

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Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Girl Next Door

20 Feb

Liquid Glam Lacquers sent some polishes for review recently. I was in awe by the stunning Girl Next Door. Girl Next Door is a cement grey jelly with all these little holographic sparklers.

LGgirlnextdoor1This is three thin coats of Girl Next Door without any type of undies. Oh how I wish my camera could capture all the sparkly goodness! The glitters in Girl Next Door isn’t a simple silver one. It’s holographic! I keep staring at it and shifting my nails a bit to play against the light. Let me tell you something,… Girl Next Door is a spectacular stunner! She deserves her own red carpet debut! Here’s a close up:

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