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Different Dimension Drops of Jupiter

30 Nov

Have you ever caught yourself losing in a polish that was so beautiful, like a drug that you couldn’t peel yourself away from?

I found my soul leaping, jumping and flying through the constellations up in the night sky with Different Dimension Drops of Jupiter on my nails.

Drops of Jupiter is a black jelly filled to the brim with all these holo silver glitters in all shapes and sizes. It swept me off my feet and has gotten me all euphoric. Here’s three coats of Drops of Jupiter on.

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Different Dimension’s upcoming thermal collection

11 Jun

Different Dimension is coming out with a shimmery thermal collection very soon! This thermal collection is inspired by the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters by Roger Hargreaves. Anyone remember those characters? I sure do remember these little white square storybooks with these fun characters! I am crazy heads over heels in love with these shimmery thermals.


Before we begin, all of these pictures have nails that have white undies underneath (I used OPI’s Alpine Snow) and nails that have no undies underneath. I did this so you could see the difference in using white undies.
All of these pictures here have my pointer and ring fingers with white undies. My middle and pinky fingers are thermal polishes on their own.
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Different Dimension’s Hey You

4 Jun

Hey You! Not you, but now I have your attention. Here’s another beauty from the Different Dimension’s Pink Floyd inspired Echoes collection. It’s called Hey You. Hey You is a song off their The Wall album. Hey You is a light lavender crelly with purple, pink and magenta glitter. There’s large magenta hex glitter, medium pink circular glitter, medium purple hexes and small circular glitter as well as pale lilac dot glitter. All you purple lovers out there will LOVE this one!

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Different Dimension’s Comfortably Numb

2 Jun

Here’s Comfortably Numb, another polish from Different Dimension’s Echoes collection which is a Pink Floyd inspired collection. Comfortably Numb is a song from Pink Floyd’s The Wall album. When I first saw the bottle, I didn’t think this glitter topper was going to be special but I was surprised by its shimmery goodness. Comfortably Numb has a clear base with satin yellow and hot pink glitter in various shapes and sizes. To be more specific, the hot pink glitter comes in these shapes/sizes: large hexes, large squares, medium squares glitter. For the satin yellow glitter, there are large squares, medium squares and little dots. To top this off there is this lovely hot pink shimmer to it. I am surprisingly heads over heels for this one.

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Different Dimension’s Another Brick In The Wall

1 Jun

Hey girls, here I have is another beauty from Different Dimension’s Echoes collection. This one is called Another Brick In The Wall. Another Brick In The Wall is a clear base with a glitter in a variety of shapes and colors. Here’s the exact breakdown of glitter inside Another Brick In The Wall: large hot pink hex glitter, medium/small hot pink squares, white/black small rectangular glitter, white/black/holographic silver dots.

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Different Dimension’s Orion Nebula

30 May

Here I have the Orion Nebula which is another beautiful polish by Different Dimension. Right off the bat, I want to quote what Missi wrote on her etsy shop: “This is not a polish for the faint of heart as it does need work to get some of the bigger holographic fuchsia glitters out.” I like it that she was honest about her product. Orion Nebula is this black jelly with different sized fuchsia circular glitters. The largest circular ones seem to be holographic in nature because it reflects off the light. The black jelly needs to be applied in thin coats. One needs to have patience in allowing these layers of glitter to build up to the point where you can achieve this.

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Different Dimension’s Wish You Were Here

29 May

Today I have for you a polish whose holographic glitter has rendered me speechless. Wish You Were Here is from Different Dimension’s new Pink Floyd inspired collection called Echoes. Wish You Were Here is also a name for both the song and the album by Pink Floyd. I can’t seem to find the words to explain how awesome Wish You Were Here is. I feel like I have to put in some sort of disclaimer to warn readers of potential drool-fest.

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