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Halloween Nails: Day 28

29 Oct

I missed yesterday’s so I’m making it up today. Here’s my Day 28!

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Halloween Nails: Day 20

20 Oct

I can’t believe I haven’t quit on this personal daily Halloween nails challenge. I was heartbroken when I broke my pinky fingernail the other week but decided that the show must still go on.

So TMNT! My son is into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles these days. This one is for him. I say these can be considered Halloween nails because some of us are going to be TMNTs for Halloween 😉 so today’s nails is for my son because he’s my little ninja.


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Halloween Nails: Day 4

4 Oct

Today’s October 4th and this means Day 4 for my personal Halloween nails challenge! I wanted to try something different for a change so I had this idea to do a look that had some bare trees on it. So the nails I came up with is an abandoned forest or a magical forest home of a witch or Baba Yaga.

Some of you may know I’m Russian. As a kid I was scared of Baba Yaga folklores. She is a scary witch that lived in a chicken-legged hut on the edge of the forest.

Anyway, here’s the nails for today!


See more pictures and details after the jump.

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China Glaze’s Sunsational (cremes)

5 May

Here’s the swatches for the other six from the new summer collection by China Glaze called Sunsational. These are the cremes. For swatches on jellies, please see previous posts.

That’s Shore Bright is a bright neon pastel-like purple creme. Two coats to full opacity. Formula is fantastic! The color reminds me of Essie’s Play Date (from the Go Overboard collection) but That’s Shore Bright is few shades darker than Essie’s Play Date. I can foresee myself using That’s Shore Bright often this summer.


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China Glaze’s HoliGlaze

5 May

Back in late March I posted information about the new holiday collection for 2013 by China Glaze that was called HoliGlaze. If you haven’t read it, it’s over at

I have the actual swatches on a wheel and I wanted to share with my readers! Here it is:

What do you think of the colors? Sorry for the watermarking. I have had people steal my pictures in the past and seeing that it’s an unreleased collection I wants to be credited properly for this picture.

China Glaze’s Sunsational (jellies)

5 May

I recently bought the entire collection of China Glaze’s Sunsational (Summer 2013 colors). It was first dubbed as Neons – On The Shore, but they changed the name at the last minute. The Sunsational collection has 6 cremes and 6 jellies. I knew I wanted to try the jellies right away. Jellies are starting to be very popular. I love polishes with a jelly finish to them because they are perfect for jelly sandwich manicures!

Shell-o is a neon coral leaning more towards the hot pink jelly. Three coats to full opacity. The formula’s great. No streaks and it applied evenly. I love this color so much!


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China Glaze’s Texture collection

28 Mar

China Glaze recently released this Texture collection. Texture has six bright colors in this collection.


I’m loving the colors. They’re bright and perfect for the warmer weather that’s coming our way. All of these pictures have NO top coat. These polishes dry to a glossy finish and I felt like a top coat wasn’t needed for this type of textured polish.

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