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Today’s Nail Art and More

8 Jul

This is a simple post.

I just did these nails tonight. I used OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons (2 coats) and some black striper nail lacquer to do these random heart-shaped leopard / leopard prints. How do you like it?


Here’s another nail art I did from few days ago. This one I used two coats of Azature’s Pink Diamond (with absolutely no undies underneath. It is very sparkly and I think this color is my favorite by Azature).


Goodnight beautiful people. I cannot wait to show you my upcoming posts for this week.

– Rica

AZATURE’s Black Diamond

16 Jan

So pumped to have this amazing luxurious polish in my collection! I present you with Azature’s Black Diamond polish!


I know some of you have already heard about and/or have seen pictures of Kelly Osbourne and her very expensive ($250,000) manicure that she wore to the Emmys in Fall 2012. Kelly’s nails had the nail polish made by Los Angeles-based luxury jeweler, Azature, and the polish itself was made with 267-carat black diamonds!

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