Guest Blogger Ashley of @perfection polish

7 Jul

Wow. You all need to check Ashley’s YouTube channel out. She does these nice looking videos on all things nails! If you ever wondered how to get started on setting up videos on YouTube, please check out this special video Ashley made for my readers on this blog! She kindly subtitled it for me! Thank you Ashley! You rock for doing that!! 🙂


Please click on that image above and it will take you to the actual video on YouTube, or you may go to to view it. She discusses the recording set up basics in this clip.  Ashley also has other amazing videos including one that involves using shavings off colored pencils on nails. It’s a must-see!! Ashley’s YouTube channel is at

I hope you all enjoyed viewing her video(s). Please feel free to comment on here or on her videos on YouTube if you have any questions or comments. Please check out Ashley’s instagram account @perfectionpolish or

Ashley is a 14 year old amateur nail artist whose addiction to everything nail polish started late 2012. With her YouTube channel she can express her love for nail art with everyone else!

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