Stardust Polish’s Deja Blue

2 Jul

At dinner last night, I had a very sad nail casualty with a potato peeler when I was trying to peel some potatoes. My pointer fingernail got caught in the peeler and I made a wrong move. Suddenly, the peeler chipped off a good chunk off my pointer fingernail. What’s a girl to do?! I marched right into my nail room (yes, you read that right. I do have a “nail” room in my house. In this room, there are four helmers full of polishes and some other bins full of nail care items as well as a manicure station, a lovely computer desk, a very comfortable chair and a sofa.) Anyway, I clipped and filed my nails back. I decided that there was no better way to rock my short nails other than painting them black.

Short sexy black nails are IN! Bye bye long nails!! Now you know I couldn’t just leave it at plain old boring black nails. I needed something so magical. Something oh so very enticing. Something entrancing. Ok, I know I sound like a witch right now trying to find a spell. Prepared to be spellbound!


Doesn’t that make you go ooooh and ahhhh? Did I cast a spell on you? Is this a case of déjà vu?

No, but it is none but the Deja Blue glitter topper by the salacious Drema of Stardust Polish. Deja Blue is this clear base with all these extraordinary blue microflakes. It is what one would consider to be a glitter topper.

So, these are the polishes I will be using Deja Blue on top with: Essie’s Licorice, China Glaze’s Wicked Style, OPI’s Vesper and Barry M’s Indigo. I had wanted to show how Deja Blue would look like on top of different colors. Here are the “color base” polishes I used.


Let us start with Essie. I used Essie’s Licorice which is this basic black. Licorice is one of my go-to black polishes. This is two coats of Licorice and one coat of Deja Blue.



Here we have next is China Glaze’s Wicked Style. Wicked Style is a hot pink leaning towards red. This is two coats of Wicked Style and one coat of Deja Blue.



Here we have next is OPI’s Vesper. Textured polishes by OPI are called “liquid sands.” Vesper is a textured polish that is a deep eggplant purple that’s almost blackened. This is two coats of Vesper and one coat of Deja Blue.



And we have Barry M.’s Indigo for last. Indigo is a true blurple. Depending on the light, Indigo can look more like purple and sometimes it looks more blue. This is two coats of Indigo and one coat of Deja Blue.



Would I recommend this? YES! I absolutely bewitched by Deja Blue. All of the swatch photos above were one coaters of Deja Blue. You cannot go wrong with topping Deja Blue over dark colored polishes. Formula was magical! I cannot say enough great things about Deja Blue. It has me hypnotized! It easily captivated my heart and has me convinced this is every nail polish aficionado’s must-have in their collection. I give Deja Blue 5 out of 5 stars!

Check out Deja Blue as well other beauties from Stardust Polish at Please follow her on Instagram @stardustpolish for updates and news!

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