Guest Blogger Hillary of @hillarykozuch

2 Jul

Hello beautiful readers! I am so excited about my second guest blogger. Hillary is one of my all-time favorite nail girls to follow on Instagram. Hillary has a good eye for color, does these awesome freehand chevron tips and I’ve always been envious of her flawless nails! You can see her work on Instagram @hillarykozuch or at

Hope you enjoy this freehand chevron tips tutorial post as much I did! ~Rica


Let me start off by saying how excited I am that Rica has asked me to be a guest blogger! If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram, you probably know how often I do freehand chevrons (since I suck at doing tape manis); so, this is a tutorial on how I do them! (Disclaimer: my husband dubs them “nonchevrons,” but we will refer to them as “chevrons” for all intensive purposes 😁)
1. First, start with nakie (😱) nails and have your materials gathered. I’ve chosen a hot pink Kiss striper, OPI Nail Envy for my basecoat, Essence Studio Nails gel topcoat, and (everyone’s favorite!) Essie Sugar Daddy.

2. Paint on your favorite basecoat. I chose this particular basecoat for the purpose of this tutorial, as we all know that I prefer the Matte Envy.

3. After allowing your basecoat ample time to dry, paint on your base color. I’m using Essie Sugar Daddy, but any color; jelly, cream, or otherwise, will do. I always do two coats of the base color.
4. Let the base color dry, as you do not want the striper to pull on any wet polish (yikes!) Next, start midway up the nail and make a diagonal line across and down the nail. If you prefer shorter or longer tips, adjust your starting point accordingly.
5. After the diagonal line, paint a straight line down the side of the nail as close to the skin as possible. (This is where steady hands and holding your breath come in to play lol).
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the opposing side of the nail.

7. Now that you’ve got this funky, crisscross thing going on, fill in the remaining spots.


8. After allowing this to dry, add your favorite topcoat, and voila! You have just accomplished a freehand chevron tip! I can’t wait to see the plethora of chevron tips from all of you!


Hillary Kozuch. 24 year old. Married to a chevron-hater. Nail art fanatic for about a year. Sucks at tape and water marble manis. Loves chevrons, dots, and gradients.


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  1. ANITA of mydailynaildesigns July 3, 2013 at 2:01 am #

    awesome thanks for this post

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