Stardust Polish’s FML, It’s Summer! collection Part 2

1 Jul

Previously I had reviewed the first three polishes from Stardust Polish’s FML, It’s Summer! collection. This collection has six gorgeous polishes. They are: Peaches & Cream, Razzleberry Rave, The Grape Gatsby, Sour Apple Pucker, Citrus Storm and Blueberry Freeze. As promised, here are the swatches and my review of the last three polishes of this collection which would be Sour Apple Pucker, Citrus Storm and Blueberry Freeze. Here they are:


Sour Apple Pucker is a sour apple green creme dusted with some holo. It’s a very nice burst of color on my nails. So bright, so cheery and so funky! I also love how Sour Apple Pucker is slightly dusted with some holo to the point where it does not take away from this gorgeous sour apple green color. As shown in pictures, this is three thin coats.

It appears to be very neon as well. Most neons are, in general, very streaky in nature. But this one? Color me impressed, because it applied on oh so perfect! Here’s some more pictures.



Would I recommend Sour Apple Pucker? Yes! The formula is perfect to the tee (especially it being neon colored). Three thin coats to full opacity. I give Sour Apple Pucker 5 out of 5 stars!

Citrus Storm is a yellow jelly that is packed with two different sized reflective turquoise hex glitter. There’s also matte teal hex glitter. I don’t think I can see myself liking Citrus Storm. Yellow jellies just do not do it for me. But the glitter? Ah they’re beautiful! I wish I could have these same exact glitters in a different colored jelly. Now that would be love. This is four thin coats of Citrus Storm.

Here’s some more pictures of Citrus Storm!



Would I recommend Citrus Storm? Only if you’re into that kind of look. Personally, I wouldn’t wear this again on its own because yellow jellies do not look good on me. There’s something about yellow jellies that bother me in general. They make my nails look yellowed. Having said that, I would try to top Citrus Storm on either a white or a yellow opaque polish to avoid this yellowed nail look that a yellow jelly polish would give me. Now let’s talk about its formula. Citrus Storm is PACKED with glitter and when I say PACKED with capital letters, I am not kidding! Glitter applied on nails nicely. There was an even distribution of glitter and absolutely no glitter fishing. These two are pluses. This is a very light colored jelly, it will not be able to achieve opacity on its own. My dear readers, I’m always about honest reviews. I personally am not a fan of Citrus Storm. However, because it applied so well without issue, I give it 4 out of 5 stars solely based on its formula and no glitter fishing.

Blueberry Freeze is a blue spectraflair holo. This is definitely one of the nicest blue holo polishes I have had so far. As shown in pictures, this is two coats of Blueberry Freeze.

The holo effect of Blueberry Freeze is a linear but a nice smooth one. When I say a smooth one, I mean the holographic rainbows from this linear holo blends in with the base of the color. This happens perhaps because maybe it’s a blue? I could be wrong as to why this happens. Blueberry Freeze is a must-have. So sad the sun wasn’t out today. We even had a tornado in my area this morning! Weather forecast says rain all week – boo!! I wanted to take pictures of Blueberry Freeze out in the sun. It’s amazing. Take my word for it! Here’s some more pictures.



Would I recommend this? Yes! The formula made me sing my rainy day blues away! Two coats to full opacity. Applying Blueberry Freeze on my nails was effortless. I give Blueberry 5 out of 5 stars.

This concludes my review of Stardust’s FML, It’s Summer collection. Part 1 of Stardust Polish’s FML, It’s Summer! collection can be viewed in my previous posts or at

Check out Sour Apple Pucker, Citrus Storm and Blueberry Freeze as well other beauties from Stardust Polish at Please follow her on Instagram @stardustpolish for updates and news!


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