Lacquerlicious’ Summer’s First Bloom

28 Jun

When I received Summer’s First Bloom by Lacquerlicious for review, my heart skipped a beat (in a good way!) Could this be? A lavender crelly packed with oh so colorful glitters? My purple loving heart leaped with joy and did cartwheels and went all “yes! yes!” on me.


Summer’s First Bloom. How I love thee. Winter has been long gone. The spring rains have come and gone and now there you are, blooming in all your colorful glitters. Summer’s First Bloom has won me over and here’s why.


Isn’t that pretty? Summer’s First Bloom is a lavender crelly base with blue/green micro shimmer to it. It is also packed with light green, peach, pale yellow, neon pink, purple and magenta glitter. The type of glitter includes pastel, neon, matte and metallic. The shapes include star, circle, square and hex, ranging in size from tiny to large. Whew. That is a LOT of glitter. And you know what’s great? I didn’t have to fish out for any glitter. How awesome is that! Here’s some more pictures of Summer’s First Bloom. These pictures are three thin coats of Summer’s First Bloom.


A closer look at Summer’s First Bloom…


Would I recommend this? Yes, I would. Summer’s First Bloom’s formula perfect for a crelly polish. There were no glitter fishing. Three thin coats to full opacity. Remember girls,… the key to perfect crelly polish application is to always apply thin coats of crelly polishes to allow some of that glitter to show through even with two to three coats on. I give Summer’s First Bloom 5 out of 5 stars!

Go check out Summer’s First Bloom and other beauties by Lacquerlicious at Be sure to follow her on Instagram @creativenailchick for updates and news!

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