Glossy Girls Polish’ Summer Collection

25 Jun

Daisy recently sent over these four beauties to me for review in addition to her lemon cuticle butter. These beauties from her Summer Collection are Limeade Burst, Bees-A-Buzz’n, Underwater Pool and Lilac Field. Glossy Girls not only makes indie polishes, but they also do make their own cuticle oils, cuticle butters, body butter and body scrubs.

Limeade Burst is a shimmery mint green crelly base with small to medium matte hex glitters in pastel green, pastel yellow, purple, white, pale pink and rose-pink. Three thin coats to full opacity. I did have to fish out for glitter after turning the bottle upside down to unsettle the glitter. Formula was not bad. The mint green shimmery base is such a pretty color especially for the summertime! I give Limeade Burst 3.5 out of 5 stars!

She also sent in such a cute adjustable nail polish ring featuring Limeade Burst that was painted on the back of a glass oval cabochon. These rings are also available for purchase for only $3.50 from her online shop. Here’s a closer look at Limeade Burst.


Bees-A-Buzz’n is a shimmery yellow crelly base with these black square and hex glitter. It reminds me of the speckled line by Illamasqua. I love these type of speckled bird-egg effect nail polishes! How cute is the name Bees-A-Buzz’n and the colors are just perfect for that name.The formula was great! Two coats to full opacity, however, in this photo I did three thin coats because I really wanted to layer up on that amazing glitter for a stronger speckled effect. I loved how I didn’t have to fish out for any glitter. I give Bees-A-Buzz’n 4 out of 5 stars!

Here’s a closer look at Bees-A-Buzz’n.

Loved this one so much that I have to share one more picture with you!


Underwater Pool is thin baby blue base with these beautiful teal glitter in various shapes. There’s the micro dots, small hex and square glitters. The formula is a bit on the thin side. This is three thin coats and there is still some mild VNL (visible nail line). If VNL’s are an issue for you, then an undie would be recommended with Underwater Pool. The color combination is so very aquatic like and really pretty. No issues with glitter. I give Underwater Pool 3.5 out of 5 stars!

Here’s a closer look at Underwater Pool.


Lilac Field is a lilac crelly base with a plethora of various glitters. There’s medium pearl white hex glitter. Small square glitters in blue, green and red. There’s also neon green and neon pink hexes as well as some neon pink bar glitter bits in Lilac Field. The formula was definitely not the best there is. It is a bit on the thin side. I didn’t have to fish for glitter but the bar glitter was very difficult to work with. Every time I had bar glitter on the paint brush, it would drag through through the fresh coat of polish. I’m not a fan of bar glitter for this exact reason. Four thin coats as shown in pictures. There is still some mild VNL in some areas. Due to the formula and the issues with the bar glitter, I give Lilac Field 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Here’s a closer look at Lilac Field.


Would I recommend these polishes by Glossy Girls Polish? I would recommend all but the Lilac Field one. My favorite from Glossy Girls Polish’ Summer Collection would be the Bees-A-Buzz’n.

Now let me tell you about her lemon cuticle butter. It’s made with all natural shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, vitamin E, lemon essential oils and vegetable glycerin. I love it that all these ingredients are very natural and it smells oh so great! Vitamin E is actually very good for your nails, as it not only moisturizes your dry cuticles but it can also prevent nails from breaking.

When I first got it in the mail, I was so disappointed when I saw her lemon cuticle butter all liquified due to the extreme hot weather we have been having lately. Few hours later in an air conditioned house, it began to solidify. By the following day, I was able to use her lemon cuticle butter. I am impressed that despite liquidifying due to the heat, it did not ruin the cuticle butter at all! It’s available at her shop for only $3.00. Unfortunately, for me, being a mother with a child that has nut allergies, I am not able to keep this lemon cuticle butter. If you have these type of nut allergies or live with someone that have these allergies, you may need to take extra caution as this product does contain almond oil.

You can get any of these and other beauties by Glossy Girls Polish at her shop at: Be sure to follow her on Instagram @glossygirlspolish for updates and news!

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