Luscious Potion’s Non-Thermals from Shifting Spring collection

18 Jun

Luscious Potion has sent me three non-thermals / crellies polishes from her Shifting Spring collection for review recently. These colors are Herbal Green, Vivid Flower and Modest Stream.


Herbal Green is a jade green shimmery foil base that can appear metallic at times with small pink and red hex glitter. The formula was not bad. It did take three thin coats to full opacity. No issue with glitter coverage. The combination of pink and red glitter in a green base didn’t exactly wow me. This is three coats on its own without undies. I really liked the pretty base color and did not mind having to do three thin coats to achieve full opacity, however, the glitter color/size choices did not impress me that much.

Here’s a better look of Herbal Green.


Vivid Flower is a rosy-lavender metallic base with medium orange hex glitter, small turquoise hex glitter and purple microdots. Three thin coats to full opacity on its own. The orange hex glitter is both reflective and has started to curl at the edges. I don’t feel orange glitter was the right addition to Vivid Flower.

Here’s a better look of Vivid Flower.


Modest Stream a baby blue foil base with small turquoise square glitter and black microdots. The formula was fine. Three thin coats to full opacity on its own. No issues with glitter.

Here’s a better look of Modest Stream.

Would I recommend the whole Shifting Spring collection based on the three polishes I reviewed? No. Herbal Green had a nice base but the glitter didn’t do much for me. Vivid Flower had the curling glitter issue and I am not sure if it will curl some more over time. Modest Stream was the only one I found acceptable from the polishes I was given to review. I give these non-thermals from this collection 2 out of 5 stars. However, Modest Stream gets 3 out of 5 stars on its own (apart from the collection’s rating).

You can get any of these and other beauties by Luscious Potion at her shop at: Be sure to follow her on Instagram @luscious_potion and on Facebook for updates and news!


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