Lacquerlicious’ Celebrate Red, White & Blue

18 Jun

Earlier today I posted a review on Lacquerlicious’ America’s Birthday. Here’s the second polish from Lacquerlicious’ July 4th, 1776 collection. Celebrate Red, White & Blue is a glitter bomb topper that is a must-have for glitter fans! Celebrate Red, White & Blue is in a clear base and packed with all these various sized glitters in red, white and blue matte glitter. There’s squares, hex, bars and stars in all colors in various sizes. It’s really gorgeous. Without further ado, here’s Celebrate Red, White & Blue!


I didn’t want to use white undies because I wanted the white glitter to show. I went with a light grey creme. I chose Catrice’s Have A Good Day (from their LE NEONaturals collection). I felt light grey was a soft subtle color that would not take away from Celebrate Red, White & Blue. This is two coats of Catrice’s Have A Good Day and one coat of Lacquerlicious’ Celebrate Red, White & Blue.

I was very pleased when I saw that pairing this Catrice with this awesome 4th of July themed glitter bomb topper gave it such a spectacular color kick. It reminds me of fun confetti one would see in a parade!

Here’s a closer look at Celebrate Red, White & Blue.

Would I recommend this? YES! I give this one 5 out of 5 stars. This glitter topper has excellent coverage. No issues with glitter whatsoever. There wasn’t any glitter clumping and I did not have to fish for glitter. I cannot wait to use Celebrate Red, White & Blue in a jelly sandwich mani. I think it would also be stunning if one were to apply matte topcoat instead of a glossy topcoat on top of this glitter topper.

What are you waiting for? Hop on over to check out Celebrate Red, White & Blue and other beauties by Lacquerlicious at Be sure to follow her on Instagram @creativenailchick for updates and news!


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