Stardust Polish’s I’m Tickled Pink

28 May

I’m tickled pink by this amazing holo polish by Stardust Polish that is, ironically, called I’m Tickled Pink. It’s from her new Feelings collection. I took these pictures not too long ago and now I am finally sitting down to do this review.


I’m Tickled Pink is a soft pink linear holo that does not disappoint. I do find this girly pink color to be classy and sophisticated. With it being a linear holo, it makes it even more fun! Here’s a better look of I’m Tickled Pink.

The next picture was taken with flash so you could see the intensity of the linear holo going on in I’m Tickled Pink.

Would I recommend this? Yes! I give I’m Tickled Pink 5 out of 5 stars. The formula is impeccable. Two coats to full opacity. I actually wore this on my nails for 3 days, went all ooh-la-la and let me tell you, for someone like me, that is an ETERNITY! Drema of Stardust Polish makes amazing holos! Even if pink isn’t your color, she has these holo polishes in various colors. Go check them out!

Check out I’m Tickled Pink and other beauties from the Feelings collection by Stardust Polish at Please follow her on Instagram @stardustpolish for updates and news!


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