Liquid Glam Lacquer’s Sorbet

24 May

Sorbet is one of the new colors being added to the Liquid Glam Laquer line just in time for the summer. It’s being released on June 5th! Sorbet is a milky white crelly with these matte pastel glitters (pink, blue, green) in various shapes and sizes. Sorbet looks very soft and feminine on my nails. It reminds me of clean freshly laundered linen. Like a clothesline of white and pastel clothing, towels and bedsheets billowing and floating to rise and fall in the summer breeze.


As shown in pictures, these are four thin coats of Sorbet on my nails. After four thin coats, there is still some faint visible nail lines and are not as noticeable.

Here’s a better look.

Would I recommend this? Yes. Sorbet is very soft and feminine. If this is the kind of look that you’re going for – go for it! If faint VNL (visible nail lines) bother you, then I would recommend using a white undie to help achieve full opacity. The downside to that is you wouldn’t get as many glitters on your nails if you used only 2 coats of Sorbet + an undie instead of 4 coats of Sorbet on its own. I give Sorbet 3.5 out of 5 stars. The formula is good. This took four coats to almost full opacity. No glitter fishing was done with Sorbet. I think every girl needs at least one milky white crelly polish in their collection.

Go check out Sorbet and other beauties by Liquid Glam Lacquer at
Please be sure to like her Facebook page at and to follow her on Instagram @liquidglamlacquer for updates and news!


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