Stardust Polish’s I’m Green With Envy

7 May

Hi Readers!
I’m so excited to share a new collection by Stardust Polish called Feelings! Drema sent these polishes over for review. Up for the first review is this amazing emerald green linear holo polish called I’m Green With Envy. It’s so radiant and lush (and not just because it’s a holo polish).


I’m Green With Envy is a rich shade of green. It’s not one of these “fun pastel” green polishes. It’s a very strong, bold color with a little fun holo twist to it. It certainly has that “wow” factor to it. Often, people associate wearing green with the holidays like Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day. However, I’m Green With Envy is something that one could wear all year round. Emerald green color in general exudes vibrancy and elegance and you will exactly just that with I’m Green with Envy. Here are some more pictures.


The next two pictures were taken in sunlight.


Here are some close ups of this beautiful emerald green holo.



Would I recommend this? YES! I give this 5 out of 5 stars. The formula in I’m Green With Envy is great. Two coats to full opacity. There were no issues with I’m Green With Envy. Go on, you know you want to spend some green to get this beautiful green holo polish. Make others green with envy when you wear it.

Check out I’m Green With Envy and other beauties from the Feelings collection by Stardust Polish at Please follow her on Instagram @stardustpolish for updates and news!

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  1. Baby May 8, 2013 at 4:35 am #

    This shade looks great on you!

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