Nail Sauce’s Hungry Panda

15 Apr

Hungry Panda is one of the polishes from Nail Sauce’s Go Wild! collection that is being released today! Hungry Panda is a milky white base with both large and small black hex glitter and small green bar glitter.


I love how Hungry Panda is unique and simple at the same time. It was made to represent the coloring of a panda and the small green bar glitter represents the bamboo. Two thin coats to full opacity.

Here’s a fun fact about pandas. Did you know that the panda’s diet is 99% bamboo? Bamboo has a very low nutrient content, so pandas must eat up to 84 pounds of bamboo per day. Holy bamboo! That’s a lot!

Here’s some close ups for you panda lovers out there!


A close up of Hungry Panda’s bottle.


Hungry Panda was such a pleasure to work with. There were no issues whatsoever. Would I recommend this? Yes I would! I give this one 4 out of 5 stars. Hungry Panda is a delight to work with. When I first got this, I thought to myself: oh no, the large hex glitter will probably need some fishing and the bar glitter is going to give me some grief! But I was wrong! There was no glitter fishing or placement needed and the bar glitter did not give me any grief at all! It applied on beautifully! It didn’t need any undies and it took two thin coats to attain full opacity. The formula is great! I am a huge fan of Nail Sauce because of the quality of their polishes. They deliver and I haven’t been disappointed with any of the Nail Sauce polishes.

Felicia of Nail Sauce is offering my readers a discount code for her Go Wild! collection. It is RICAGOESWILD. This discount is for 10% off the entire purchase and its good until June 15th!

Go check out Nail Sauce’s Go Wild! collection and other beauties at


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