Nail Sauce’s Flamingo Berry

14 Apr

I love this flamingo. This isn’t your eccentric aunt’s pink flamingo out in the front yard! Did you know? Don Featherstone of Massachusetts is the inventor of the pink plastic lawn flamingo, which has been gracing lawns since 1957.

Now moving along to the important stuff. Felicia of Nail Sauce has a new collection coming up. It’s called Go Wild! Its release date is Monday, April 15, 2013 and that’s tomorrow. The first beauty that caught my eye was Flamingo Berry.


Flamingo Berry is a cotton candy pink base with medium blue hex glitter, small magenta pink hex glitter and little red dots. The formula was amazing! No undies used. Two thin coats to full opacity. There were no glitter fishing/placement needed.

Let me show you a close up of Flamingo Berry in the polish bottle.


Absolutely gorgeous! Here’s a close up of Flamingo Berry on my nails.


Would I recommend this? Yes I would! I give this 5 out of 5 stars. What I love about Flamingo Berry is that it’s not jam-packed with glitter and yet it effortlessly applies glitter evenly on my nails. Like many other indies out there, the key to attaining this perfect look is doing thin even coats.

I’m quickly becoming a lifelong fan of polishes by Nail Sauce not only because of quality but also because of what you see is exactly you’re going to get. Give Flamingo Berry a try! I think your eccentric aunt with the plastic pink flamingos in her front yard will approve!

Go check out the new collection Go Wild! and other beauties from from Nail Sauce at:


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