Stardust Polish’s White Dwarf Opaque

6 Apr

White Dwarf Opaque is one of the polishes I received from Stardust Polish for review. It’s from her Space collection. White Dwarf Opaque is a white base with silver holographic glitter and iridescent glitter. It does look heavenly.



Here’s a close up!

White Dwarf Opaque’s formula wasn’t bad at all but it can be improved. The finish felt a bit gritty and I had to add a generous amount of top coat to smooth the gritty feel out. Three thin coats to full opacity.

Did you know that there’s two different versions of this White Dwarf polish? This is the opaque version on my nails. Stardust Polish also offers a sheer version. I do think the sheer version would be the better choice. A sheer version would allow more of this pretty holo glitter to show and would do better in layering. With the opaque one, I had to do very thin coats so I could get most of the holo and iridescent glitter to show.

Would I recommend this? Probably. I give White Dwarf Opaque 3 out of 5 stars. It is a pretty polish although I personally would probably go with the sheer version and use white undies with it. It’s a matter of personal preference on how much of the holo/iridescent glitter combination you want to show.

Go check out Stardust Polish’s beauties at and follow her on Instagram @stardustpolish for updates and news!


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