Stardust Polish’s Black Hole

5 Apr

I recently received six mini polishes from Stardust Polish for review. Among these polishes was a black holographic polish called Black Hole. I couldn’t wait to try Black Hole! I am going to let these pictures speak for themselves.



The next few pictures were taken outdoors in the late afternoon sun.




Here’s a close up for you to look at!

You know I had to show you another close up! Here it is…


Black Hole is from Stardust Polish’s Space collection. The base color isn’t actually black… it’s more of a dark steel grey color. The formula was fantastic! I didn’t use any undies for Black Hole. I Two coats to full opacity. I also noticed that it doesn’t smell as strong like the usual polish would smell like (which is an amazing plus!)

Would I recommend this? Oh heck yes! I give Black Hole 5 out of 5 stars!!! For starters, I am actually very impressed by the holo effect. It’s like a black hole out in space sucking me right in. I got hypnotized by Black Hole that I lost myself staring, staring and staring… at my nails that had all this intense holo goodness. So sparkly and radiant! I also adored how it can appear to be of a scattered holo in low light situations and it has a strong linear holo effect in direct light. I am heads over heels in love with Black Hole! I enjoyed having it on my nails so much that I actually just purchased a full sized bottle from her shop prior to writing this review up.

Get on your rocket and fly over to Stardust Polish shop to check this one out as well as her other beauties at Please follow her on Instagram @stardustpolish for updates and news!


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