OPI’s Oz’s The Great and Powerful

26 Mar

OPI recently released a new collection called The Great and Powerful with adjunction to the new Disney movie. Soft Shades colors is a yearly thing done by OPI. I was suprised that glitters were included in this Soft Shades collection. Soft Shades are OPI’s soft and subtle colors that can be worn sheer or opaque. I personally love Soft Shades because they make awesome jelly sammich manis. In this collection, there are seven colors.

ozcollectionTop row colors from left to right are: Glints of Glinda, Don’t Burst My Bubble, and I Theodora You. These three colors are what we consider Soft Shades. Bottom row colors from left to right are: Which Is Witch?, Lights of Emerald City, What Wizardry Is This?, and When Monkeys Fly. All these are glitter toppers with an exception of What Wizardry Is This? What Wizardry Is This? is a textured polish that OPI calls Liquid Sand. Here’s my review and the swatches of this collection.

Glints of Glinda is a Soft Shade color by OPI. As shown in picture is three thin coats.


Glints of Glinda is a nude jelly-like polish. I am not sure how I feel about this color with my skin tone, nevertheless, it is a gorgeous color. The formula is flawless. Glints of Glinda would be an amazing polish especially in sandwich manis.

When Monkeys Fly is a transparent base with large metallic/foil gold hex glitter and small/medium holographic hex glitter. In the next photo, you will see that I’ve layered one coat of When Monkeys Fly on top of Glints of Glinda.

WhenMonkeysFlyApplication was somewhat frustrating. More than half of the time, I either had to fish out the gold hex glitter out of the bottle or somehow separate the gold hexes that stuck themselves together. As you can see in the picture, the gold hex glitter have curled. In the nail community, we also call curling glitter “taco” glitter. The large gold hex glitter does not lay flat on the nail. Curled glitter isn’t for everyone. Some people may like it and some may not.

I personally do not love When Monkeys Fly as much as other glitters from this collection. For those who have already purchased this bottle and find themselves wishing they got something different. There’s still hope! You can get it replaced with a different color of your choice. On March 11th, OPI issued a statement on their Facebook page: “On the “When Monkeys Fly!” issue: We are grateful and appreciative for all of your feedback. We have determined that in some instances, due to the glitter’s size and shape, it can curl over time as it sits in the lacquer base. This was not experienced during field-testing and is now being addressed. Those of you who are dissatisfied can contact our customer support team with the batch number listed on the bottom of the bottle and they will replace it with another Oz shade of your choice. (Customer Support: http://mail.opi.com/HelpDesk/HelpDesk.nsf/WTSF?OpenForm) Thank you for your continued passion for OPI!”

Despite the curled glitter, I have decided to keep it in my collection. You will see why in the next picture.


My dear readers, this is what made me “tolerate” When Monkeys Fly a bit better. I layered one thin coat of Glints of Glinda on top of When Monkeys Fly and this completely transformed the look. This is what we call a “Jelly Sandwich” manicure where glitter is sandwiched between two coats of polish. Here’s a better close up.


I am loving this look. If you haven’t attempted a jelly sandwich manicure, I hope this encourages you to try! Jelly sandwich manis are foolproof and I recommend it to everyone.

I Theodora You is another Soft Shade color by OPI from this collection. As shown in picture, this is three thin coats.


I Theodora You is a light cotton candy pink. It is a little more opaque than the other two Soft Shades colors from this collection. I love this color. It is so very feminine and light! Perfect for spring! Formula was amazing. It really won my heart over.

Lights Of Emerald City is a transparent base with iridescent squares that shift from pale blue to orange-gold and also has medium white squares. This is such a fun glitter topper! I decided to layer one coat of Lights of Emerald City on top of I Theodora You.


Don’t Burst My Bubble is another Soft Shade color from this new collection. As shown in picture, this is three coats.


Don’t Burst My Bubble is a soft white-pink jelly. Application was flawless. I loved how it wasn’t streaky like many jelly-sheer polishes out there. It’s a beautiful color that is a must-have in any girl’s polish collection.

Which Is Witch? is a transparent base with an all silver holographic packed glitter polish. It has medium hexes, micro bars and small glitter. As shown in photo below, I have layered one coat of Which Is Witch? on top of Don’t Burst My Bubble.


Which Is Witch? really took me by surprise. I thought it would be a bit too much but turns out that one coat of Which Is Witch? on top of a soft color like Don’t Burst My Bubble was perfect! The bar glitter wasn’t even an issue in application. I think it is because they’re so tiny. I also loved that I didn’t have to do any glitter placement with Which Is Witch?

What Wizardry Is This? is the only liquid sand polish from this collection. As shown, this is two coats.


List of the polishes in OPI’s Oz The Great and Powerful and their star rating (based on 5 star rating).

  • Glints of Glinda: 3 stars
  • When Monkeys Fly: 2 stars
  • I Theodora You: 5 stars
  • Lights Of Emerald City: 5 stars
  • Don’t Burst My Bubble: 4 stars
  • Which Is Witch?: 4 stars
  • What Wizardry Is This?: 5 stars

You can find OPI’s Oz The Great and Powerful at your local nail salons and beauty stores for a retail price of $9 for 0.5 fl oz. You may also go to www.opi.com to find where it’s sold near you.

2 Responses to “OPI’s Oz’s The Great and Powerful”

  1. Emily March 26, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

    What did you think of the last one? The liquid sand one? You gave it 5 stars but didn’t write much about it? I love the look but how was the application? Is it very hoppy? Thanks for these reviews!!

    • justricarda March 26, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

      Application was amazing. Two coats to opacity and the textured finish does take some time to get used to however I do find it pleasing to the touch. I actually preferred this kind of liquid sand over the ones from the Mariah Carey collection.

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