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Winner of Nail Sauce’s Cloud 9 polish giveaway!

15 Feb


Congratulations Syndie Matos! You have been randomly chosen as the winner of this polish giveaway! Please check your email.

Thank you everyone for entering this fun giveaway contest! I will be offering more of these type of giveaways in the soon future.


Nail Sauce’s Cloud 9

13 Feb

If you know me, I’m a sucker for glitter in milky white base type of polishes. When I received Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection to review, I instantly knew I would fall heads over heels for Cloud 9.

cloud9_3As you can see, it is in a milky white base with these yummy pastel glitter bits in various shapes and sizes. Cloud 9 is part of Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection. Application was awesome. Usually with these type of milky white bases, the biggest concern would be these annoying streak polish lines where white doesn’t look even in certain areas on the nail. I am so pleased that Cloud 9 did NOT have this problem! Opacity was achieved by the third coat. However, I decided to do four very thin coats of Cloud 9 to maximize the brightness of this color. I did not use any “undies” with this Cloud 9 manicure. Here’s another picture showing the bottle better.

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Femme Fatale Lacquer’s Mermaids in the Midst

10 Feb

This is the other polish that was sent to me by Femme Fatale Lacquer for review recently. Mermaids in the Midst is a plum jelly with holographic glitter. Teal hexes and little round gold glitter ones are the ones that stand out the most. This is from the Spring 2013 collection.


I decided to paint my nails with a color that’s close to this plum jelly base. I chose OPI’s Pepe’s Purple Passion which is from the Muppets collection (Holiday 2011). I have two coats of Pepe’s Purple Passion on with only one coat of Femme Fatale Lacquer’s Mermaids in the Midst.

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Femme Fatale Lacquer’s Sweet Bouquet of Pastels

10 Feb

There’s at least 12 inches of snow on the ground outside right now. Spring cannot come soon enough! In the meantime, let me show you this oh-so-lovely just perfect for spring polish that I have recently received for review. This is Femme Fatale Lacquer’s Sweet Bouquet of Pastels.

sbp1I have decided to pair Sweet Bouquet of Pastels up with four different pastel-like colors by Orly to show you what they look like on top of different colors.

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Tryst Lacquers’ Lust Is In The Air

8 Feb

I recently received some beautiful polishes from Kimberly at Tryst Lacquers for review. This is one of the polishes that I have received. Lust Is In The Air is a gorgeous dusty grey-blue jelly base filled with small gold hex glitter, light silver-blue hex glitter and silver-blue square glitter.


It was very refreshing to review a high-quality product like this one. It takes 3 coats to full opacity. Application itself was amazing. You couldn’t get any more perfect than this! It went on evenly. The polish consistency itself wasn’t watery or gloopy. It was just right! Here’s another picture of Lust Is In The Air by Tryst Lacquers.

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Colores de Carol’s Girls Night Out Collection

8 Feb

Colores de Carol recently released a new collection called Girls Night Out. In this collection, there are four polishes.

The four polishes in this collection are Denim & Diamonds, Red Lips & Gold Chain, Bubblegum & Slippers and Leggings & Martinis.

Let’s talk about Denim & Diamonds. On her website, it says it is a blue jelly base packed with blue and silver holographic glitter. I have decided to show you Denim & Diamonds on top of two very different colors.

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Nail Sauce’s Romance Shmomance

6 Feb

Need a break from all the lovey-dovey Hallmark stuff for Valentine’s Day? Feeling Valentine Shmalentine about the holiday? Who needs a Valentine when you have Romance Shmomance? You know you need this. Romance Shmomance is from Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection. It is the anti-valentine polish to have.


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