Liquid Glam Lacquer’s In My Own Galaxy

21 Feb

In a galaxy far, far away… well, not that far away. Here it is! Liquid Glam Lacquer’s In My Own Galaxy is a beautiful deep-space black jelly polish with these bold holographic glitter bits.

LGinmyowngalaxy4I can’t help but lose myself in these beautiful nails. It’s a whole new world (or should I say galaxy) out there! For starters, do you realize how hard it is to find a good black jelly that applies very well especially with glitters in it?! In case if you were wondering, the answer is: very difficult.

When I got this polish for review, I was worried that this black jelly polish would drown the holographic glitter bits out like many other black jelly glitter indies out there. Also, many black jelly polishes with glitter in them require some sort of black undies most of the time. In My Own Galaxy, I decided to do it without any undies. I am happy to report that In My Own Galaxy did not fail me at all! Here’s a picture that’s intentionally blurry to a point where I could show you how sparkly In My Own Galaxy is.


See how sparkly this is? Isn’t that just great? In My Own Galaxy is swoon-worthy! Again, with these type of indie glitter polishes, it is always for the best to apply THIN coats and wait until the coat is nearly dry before adding another coat on. Do not be tempted to paint thick coats on! You will be disappointed with the end result if you did do that. These pictures shown are three thin coats. Here’s a close up of In My Own Galaxy on my nails.

LGinmyowngalaxy3Wow. Just wow! Would I recommend this? OH YES!! This is one of the very few black jelly indie polishes with glitters in them out there that is PERFECT in every way possible. Application was dreamy. Three coats to full opacity. You may use black undies and use probably one coat of In My Own Galaxy on top if you wanted to. I didn’t do that because I like to layer up my glitter for a dramatic finish. The finish itself is smooth like glass. Amazing! I give this 5 out of 5 Stars! Now I’m off to see what other beauties Liquid Glam Lacquers has to offer. I need more of her great polishes in my collection!

Hurry and get yours and other beauties by Liquid Glam Lacquers at: You should take advantage of the grand opening sale with 20% off orders going on at Liquid Glam to celebrate her “opening” shop at Big Cartel. That 20% off code is REOPENING. Code is good until February 27, 2013.

Be sure to follow Liquid Glam on Facebook for updates as well as @liquidglamlacquer on instagram.


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