Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion

16 Feb

Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion is a glitter topper from the Valentina collection. Valentina is proving to be a great collection! Flashes of Passion has hot pink holographic glitter in all sizes and there is also some pink-purple holographic bar glitter. I wanted to refrain from using this glitter topper on top of some pink. I wanted to have it stand out. So I asked myself: what color do I have the most passion for? My answer: purple. Without hesitation, I decided to pair it up with purple.


As shown in the picture above, I used one coat of Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion on top of two coats of Funky Finger’s Riot. I think this is a great combination of colors! Here’s another view.

NSflashesofpassion2Isn’t this gorgeous? I’m in love with this color combination! I think it’s great how the glitter topper is hot pink and the purple base I used looks like a neon version of purple. Do you like this combination? Let me know your thoughts. I had also wanted to use Flashes of Passion with a color that is different from purple to create a whole new look. In the next picture, I used Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants as a base color. Miss Fancy Pants is a greige color and it’s from Essie’s Stylenomics collection back in Fall 2012.

NSflashesofpassion3How do you like this combination now? I also used Orly’s Purple Crush because it was the closest match in color to Flashes of Passion. Orly’s Purple Crush is from their Hot Stuff collection. Here’s another view.

NSflashesofpassion4Would I recommend this? Yes I would, only if you do not mind the bar glitter. To be honest here, application was a bit tricky with the bar glitter. It’s always the case with many bar glitter polishes out there. I had to do a few strategic swipes of the brush to rearrange the bar glitter so it doesn’t stick out or hang off the edge of my nails. I did have to do some hex glitter placement on my nails. The hot pink holographic color is stunning and dazzling and it is the only reason why I do not mind Flashes of Passion. I give this 4 out of 5 stars.

Go check out Nail Sauce’s Flashes of Passion and other beauties at


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