Nail Sauce’s Diamonds & Gold

16 Feb

Diamonds & Gold is from Nail Sauce’s Valentina collection. I must admit that when I first got the Valentina collection to review, Diamonds & Gold was my least favorite from this collection. However, after putting this on my nails, it is NOW my favorite from this collection. This one took me by surprise!


Diamonds & Gold is a gold glitter topper. The gold glitter comes in both small and medium hexes. In addition to the gold glitter, there’s these little amazing blue iridescent flakies. The blue iridescent flakies may not seem much in the bottle but when you put this on top of a dark-colored polish it becomes swoon-worthy.


As shown in picture, this is one coat of Nail Sauce’s Diamonds & Gold on top of Cult Nails’ Fetish. The application was very ideal. There were no clumping, no glitter fishing and no glitter placement needed. I just painted it one coat and it was effortlessly beautiful. The glitter coverage was excellent! The amount of gold glitter is just right. The Nail Sauce website described these gold bits as “white gold hex glitter.” I absolutely loved how the gold flakes looked really bright! Here’s a closer look.


Would I recommend this? Yes! Just like any other girl that likes to be adorned with diamonds and gold, yes I would recommend this blingtastic glitter topper by Nail Sauce! I cannot ask for a better glitter topper than this one! Everything from application to glitter coverage was flawless. I personally give this 5 out of 5 stars! Give it a try. I know it may not seem much in the bottle but you will not be disappointed with it once it’s on your nails. I cannot wait to use it on top of different colors.

Go check out Diamonds and Gold and other beauties by Nail Sauce at


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