Colores de Carol’s Girls Night Out Collection

8 Feb

Colores de Carol recently released a new collection called Girls Night Out. In this collection, there are four polishes.

The four polishes in this collection are Denim & Diamonds, Red Lips & Gold Chain, Bubblegum & Slippers and Leggings & Martinis.

Let’s talk about Denim & Diamonds. On her website, it says it is a blue jelly base packed with blue and silver holographic glitter. I have decided to show you Denim & Diamonds on top of two very different colors.

DenimDiamonds1In the picture above, I used OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark and topped it off with two coats of Denim & Diamonds. I did find that this polish looks more exciting over darker colors. Application was not that great. It was very “watery”. I had to constantly fish for the larger glitter and do glitter placement.

Here’s two coats of Denim & Diamonds on top of OPI’s What’s With The Cattitude?

DenimDiamonds2When I read the description on her website, I was excited with the idea of getting a jelly type of polish. However, I am slightly disappointed that this particular polish was too sheer to be worn alone. I would have preferred to see this in a clear base or something that could have been opaque on its own.

Let me show you Bubblegum & Slippers. It’s a lilac base with metallic blue glitter, lilac glitter and white glitter in different sizes and shapes.


Bubblegum & Slippers has one of the nicest lilac colors I have seen. Shown is 3 coats. Application was very good. The polish itself was of the right consistency. However, I did have to fish out for the larger glitters and do some glitter placement. Some of the larger glitter pieces have sunk to the bottom of the bottle. I would recommend turning the bottle upside down for few minutes prior painting your nails to help address this issue.

Next in this collection is Red Lips & Gold Chain. It is a shimmery chapstick cherry red jelly base with red and gold glitter.


Red Lips and Gold Chain was a more of a jelly base than the Denim & Diamonds one was. It took 3 coats to opacity on its own. Polish consistency was of a jelly base and it was just right. Glitter fishing was minimal. I loved the combination of gold and red glitter in this jelly. The gold glitter does not overwhelm this look. With this type of polish, I highly recommend turning the bottle upside down for a couple of minutes prior to help with glitter coverage. I loved the finish of this polish. Much to my surprise, it felt smooth and glossy even with the areas that had glitter on. This is hands down my favorite from the Girls Night Out collection!

This brings us to the last polish of this collection which is Leggings & Martinis.leggingsmartiniLeggings & Martinis has blue and orange glitter set in a black jelly base. Picture shown is 3 coats.
Leggings & Martinis was a little bit thick and gloopy. I probably will need to buy polish thinner to help thin the polish out a bit. It was a bit difficult trying to get even thin coats because of the gloopy consistency. I had to do some glitter fishing and glitter placement with Leggings & Martinis. I am hoping using polish thinner will help improve the quality of this polish. This could easily be an amazing polish if I could somehow make it less gloopy.

Would I recommend the entire collection? No. I wouldn’t. As a collection I give it 2 out of 5 stars. There are some polishes that needs improvement in the consistency department.

However, I would like to recommend both Red Lips & Gold Chain and Bubblegum & Slippers. These two polishes are nice and have no issues. I give both Red Lips & Gold Chain and Bubblegum & Slippers 4 stars.

Colores de Carol is new to the indie polish world. I can tell that Caroline has a very good eye when it comes to creating a look using a combination of colors and various shaped/sized glitters. I hope Caroline will take the opportunity to look into these polish consistency issues and better improve her polishes from there.

You can get these and other polishes at:


2 Responses to “Colores de Carol’s Girls Night Out Collection”

  1. Carolina February 8, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    Thank you for your honest review, Denim and Diamonds is a blue tinted base, usually the larger glitters sink at the bottom of the bottle because they are heavy. I think one or two drops of nail polish thinner will fix the issue you had with Leggings and Martinis.

    • justricarda February 8, 2013 at 10:48 am #

      Thank you! I will be sure to pick up some nail polish thinner!

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